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About Us

We’re working to make Indian River County a leading literacy capital of the nation!


Moonshot Moment, started by local families, is a county-wide literacy initiative that unites families, educators, community partners, and area citizens to ensure children will be reading on grade-level by the end of third grade.  Early literacy is the foundation for all learning and success.

History of our Moonshot Campaign

What does it take to ensure children are ready for Kindergarten and reading on grade level by the end of third grade, such that we create curious, literate, compassionate, lifelong learners who will improve our world?


Since 2012, the Moonshot Moment goal has brought about a community-wide journey to determine what it takes for 90% of Indian River County children to be reading on level by third grade.  Our Moonshot Quest is a complex venture requiring collaborative leaders to take innovative action aligned in service with our Moonshot literacy goal. The Learning Alliance serves as the managing partner of the campaign, fueling the collective work and ensuring our community owns the goal.

To ensure long-term sustainability and transformational change, our Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN) of over 70 organizations representing over 150 individuals in private, public, business, social and philanthropic sectors, provides leadership training, structure and relationships to move from traditional silo-based approach to a collaborative learning culture.  We meet monthly to cultivate these interagency partnerships and community-wide mobilization.

Our MCAN “playing field” focuses on Kindergarten Readiness (0 – 5 and Early Childhood), Extended Learning (before/after school and summer), In-School Efforts (professional development, coaching, training and volunteers) and Community Engagement (involving parents, community leaders, businesses, and nonprofits).  

For over 10 years, the Moonshot Moment Campaign has been recognized by The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading for our strides in early childhood literacy. Most recently, our FACES Campaign was praised for showcasing the importance of literacy from birth to 3rd grade.

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This is OUR Moonshot Moment.
Everyone has a role in teaching children to read.


Moonshot Community

Our Moonshot Community Action Network (MCAN) is comprised of over 70 organizations representing over 150 individuals who support the literacy movement.


Managing Partner

The Learning Alliance is the backbone organization managing the Moonshot Moment Literacy Campaign in Indian River County.

MCAN Leadership Council

MCAN fellows, led by The Learning Alliance, set the vision, strategy and direction of our Moonshot Moment campaign as we work together to be a leading literacy capital of the nation.


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